Home movies: visits to the Hudson factory in 1926 and 27

Winter of 1926: the Normandin family, who owned the Normandin-Campen Hudson dealership in San Jose, California, travel by train from San Jose to the Hudson factory in Detroit, and home again.  Lots of train shots, not so much of the factory, although Roy Chapin makes a brief appearance.  https://www.freep.com/videos/news/local/michigan/detroit/2021/02/24/rare-vintage-film-san-jose-detroit-train-winter-1926-visit-hudson-motor-car-co/6690850002/

Again the Normandin family visits the Hudson factory, on their way to Europe, this time in 1927.  At the factory they pick up a new Essex and head east --  to catch an ocean liner to Europe, which they'll drive on their European vacation!  Again, no real factory shots but a few of the Administration Building, and a nice view of the new Essex!