Looking for exact measurement of “A” arm Spreader gauge for ‘47 (and maybe stepdown years)

I asked this question at the tail end of another thread, so I can’t tell how many people saw it.  I figured I’d start another thread and ask again

Does anyone out there know what the exact measurement (in thousandths of an inch) is between the ears of the “Upper support arm spreader gauge J-1862” as pictured in figure 242 on page 223 of the 1942 to 1947 Shop manual?

  I want to put my front suspension together by the book this time.  I don’t remember what I did 25 years ago, but I now have a milling machine capable of making this tool if I knew what that dimension is.

This tool may have been used on newer stepdown models.  I don’t know because ‘47 is as far as my book goes.

Thanks in advance. Tom


  • I saw the dimension in a period Chilton’s manual.  I’m looking for it and will post once I find it
  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Tom ... not what you asked ... But with a bit of review... the relative measurements from the picture as they reflect on a real control arm... maybe sufficient to create a pattern?
  • Hi Ken.  I might be able to scale up the relative distances from the photo, but I would need to know how far apart the actual A arms are supposed to be.   I don’t know if mine are still factory correct. A lot of abuse might have occurred in the first 50 years of this truck’s life before I bought it.

     I can make the spreader tool with no problem. The Shop Manual says to spread the arms 1/16th (.0625) of an inch and check with the gauge.  I can certainly spread mine .0625, but if the arms aren’t right in the first place, the gauge is essential.

    .0625 doesn’t sound like much to worry about, but it must have been important for Hudson to be so specific about it in the shop manual.

    I’m hoping Toddh can come up with that number. I didn’t know Chilton’s went into that much detail.

  • So actually it was a Thompson’s manual that had the dimensions but it is only for the lower A arm.  
    I’m on travel this week but will measure the upper arm dimensions when I return
  • I made a gauge as pictured in the shop manual, but all I could do is measure the outside of the “A”arm and add 1/16”.  Of course, the ears are symmetrical on either side of the center hole that will serve as a guideAgain, if anyone has an original gauge and can measure (in thousandths) the distance between the ears of the gauge, I’d have no problem making another one.

    Thanks. Tom
  • lostmind
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    Tom , I doubt that any mechanic that worked in a Hudson dealer garage would get that
    setting to the Thousandth of an inch.
    I'd go with what you have, more precise than most anyone else would attempt.