new lifters issues

Just watched a podcast on youtube from a major machine shop that rebuilds all kinds of motors.
They are having major issues with the quality of new lifters since covid hit. They suspect most are now
coming from China, due to stocking issues here in the states. The lifter material is too soft causing them
and the new camshafts to wipe out after very little use, some even before taken off the motor stand.
Be careful of the source for all new motor rebuild parts until this gets sorted out.


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    Kerry this has been a problem for some time actually, not just since COVID. If you go online and check there are numerous comments of "bad" lifters, especially hydraulics.  For most Hudson's this is not an issue as I doubt many companies would make the effort to make new "hudson" lifters anyway.  

    I am rebuilding an AMC 327 V8 currently and I had to shop carefully and ended up buying NOS ones and NOT new ones from ebay.  I do know that Johnson Hy LIft is still making all their lifters in the USA - Jackson MI.  They also make them for a number of high-performance cam folks, like Crower and ISky.  However, do not buy lifters from COMP as it appears theirs are made offshore and stink!

    Also, check carefully for brands such as SBI and Engine Tech.  I got a set of valves from SBI and they are made in China.  I have not heard of any issues on valves but I was disappointed that they were not US-made.  SBI is supposed to have some sort of proprietary alloys for valves and at one time were made stateside, who knows what they are made from now - old Hudson for all I know!  The other items to be careful of are valve springs and keepers, also a lot of them now are made offshore, you put in the name of the country!  
  • I don’t trust modern manufacturing. That why if possible I go with nos stuff, but you have to watch it . Things with rubber are likely shot from dry rot and you have to watch for so called “rebuilt” stuff . It’s often just degreased and painted . 
    Does anyone think this crappy manufacturing phase will ever go away? Sooner than later everyone is going to quit buying this modern garbage