What color is this 51

I’ve looked for paint samples but can’t find any showing this car. It’s a 51 Hornet, I found Gulf Green listed for 52. Any ideas. And the door hinge is to rusty to find the paint code. Any ideas?


  • Can’t see any photo , love to help when you get one up 👍🏼
  • Let’s try this, I thought it posted
  • Here it is
  • Looks like a faded Gulf Green to me.
  • Just shows it for 52 not 51 in the paint charts
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    Here’s all 3 years of Hudson manufacturing the hornets paint chip cards
    as seen 51 never had a green that light so it must have been a repaint . 
    My personal guess is it’s surf green from the 53 modal year 
    nice car btw ,also not sure why each picture is smaller , oops oh well

  • Could it be a late production 51 someone was able to order a 52 color on? 
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    Lance ... the Hudson Dealers were all told by the factory to paint cars to sell them.  I know that Rosen Novak in Omaha did a brisk business putting black paint on the "fancy colored" cars to sell them to the farmers of the surrounding area. Ken
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    Doug Wildrick had a '51 Hornet coupe in what looks to be the same color. It had leather interior. Maybe message him.
  • What’s funny is the jams and firewall are all the same color, but inside the trunk even the wheel houses and rear seat divider are that color as well, so maybe it is a re-spray and was overly painted
  • I do appreciate everyone’s help on this
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    Auto Color Library concurs. It's a nice site for paint colors:

  • Ok thank you