replace cylinder head gasket

Hi can anyone help i have low compresion on number 4 /110 and number 3 /90 i also show a leak on the cylinder head gasket between 3 and 4 
has anyone had this can anyone throw some light on whats going on thanks Barry living in the hudson wildernes UK


  • It sounds like the gasket is blown between the two cylinders. This is not an uncommon occurrence with the 308 engine. You didn't say what engine you are dealing with... If it is the 308, I highly recommend the "Best Gasket". Clean the mating surfaces really well, have the cylinder head checked for cracks (top and bottom), and surface if necessary.
  • Hi and thanks yes it is the 308 do I need to use sealer on the gasket ? The engine starts and runs well but I spotted the leak on the side of the block and head joint between 3 and4 then checked the compression and found those two low hence the cry for help thanks again regards Barry
  • When I install the Best Gasket, dry. If using a felpro, or other sandwich type, I use either KW Copper Coat or aluminum paint. 
  • Ol racer
    Ol racer Senior Contributor
    Since it runs well have you tried re torquing the head when Hot? 
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    Just replace the gasket, it will leak again even if you get it to stop temporarily.
  • Take the head to a machine shop and have them check to make sure it is flat. If not, have them remove the tiniest amount possible to make it flat.