1948 shifting problem

I can not get my Hudson to shift into first and reverse     [ i tried moving the shift cable, at the bottom of the steering column   any suggestions??


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    The link must go smoothly  between the top and bottom shift shafts, and that is dependent on free movement of the cable from the bottom of the column.  Best way to do this is with the floor removed, and the top off the transmission, and you will be able to see the link move sideways into the slots of each shaft.   If it is not fully over it will jam because of the interlocks.  . If the cable is sticky it must be cleaned out. 
  • thanks Geoff i will try that

  • does anyone know were to get bushing, for the shifting-linkage,on a 48..??

  • jjbubaboy
    jjbubaboy Senior Contributor
    Have you tried Dr Doug?

  • Toddh
    Toddh Member
    Wildrick does have the bushing.  I got one from him late last year
  •  Helloes everyone is there a spring that goes on the cable that goes to the transmission that is used for first and reverse??
    does anyone know the length of the linkage that goes from the column, to Transmision linkage it is the one that has an adjustable ball joint on it.??
  • I'm not sure if this is applicable to your '48, but I had the same problem on my '47 and here's how I solved it: The "interlock" cable was not moving enough to toggle the little lever on the top/rear of the transmission (the one that controls whether you're in the 1st/Rev range or 2nd/3rd). What eventually worked in my case was loosening the entire bushing/ support (what the red arrow is pointing to--it surrounds the steering column and has a bushing on top which the shifter rod goes through) and sliding it up the steering column, probably 1/2" or more. There's an allen/hex set screw at the 6 o'clock position on this support--the screw goes in from the engine side. This adjustment took the slack out of the cable and gave me very firm, positive movement at the 1st/rev- 2nd/3rd toggle. Hope this helps!