'54 Hornet Dual X Concept

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Everything made and/or fabricated starts with an conceptional image or drawing. Here's my rough concept for a modern Pro-Touring '54 dual exhaust. Anyone have similar exhaust pics they'd like to share? Feel free to post here,,,


  • It's not easy for me to come up with a new concept that looks "right" when all I've ever seen is variations of the way Hudson did it.
  • MicroSoft's "Paint" application provides a simple and "costless" way to swap and/or superimpose images or views from one car onto another. The shot above is the rear lower valance of a buddy's 2017 SRT8 Challenger superimposed onto the back of the '54. I spent ten minutes playing with the pixels to create a concept '62 Fleetwood Hardtop Station Wagon.