Tank vent pipe

JasonNC Expert Adviser
I broke it off while installing a return line to the tank.  The game plan was to install a tee fitting into the rubber hose that connects the vent pipe to the top of the tank just above the frame.  It looks like an easy fix with either JB Weld or solder, but I was wondering it that vent pipe is even necessary if I ran the return line directly into the top of the tank at the spout where the vent pipe connects to the tank in the first place.  


  • Lance
    Lance Member
    Jason, as long as that tank can vent  you're OK.  That vent is important.
  • That vent helps when you’re putting fuel in the car, but as long as you have the tank vent somewhere. 
  • RichardD
    RichardD Member
    edited May 2022
    My locking gas cap is vented! Also have magnets and not the spring stuff. Maybe you could do this, Jason { unless I am missing the point, which is probable now days}