Would a manual rack and pinion  setup be better then the old manual steering on the pre step down cars ?


  • Jon B
    Jon B Administrator
    In my opinion, rack and pinion wouldn't be worth the trouble unless you're going to install a complete, modernized suspension and steering system, and disc brakes.   My late 1930's car handles pretty nicely, and radial tires improve steering as well (no floundering around in "truckers ruts" on the Interstate).  Of course you need to be sure that the king pins, shocks, bushings in the anti-roll bars, and tie rod ends are in good shape, alignment is correct, and that there's minimal play in the steering gears.  True, it will never steer and handle like a 2022 car with the original style components on it.  After all, it's 80-plus years old.  But if you compensate for its more primitive technology when driving, and don't expect it to handle like a new car, it should serve you well.