Robe Hanger (rope on back of front seat) Disassembly

Hi all, 

Could anyone describe how to remove the fabric rope from the chrome handles?  

Thanks in advance.  



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    Did you figure this out? If not let me know and I'll post pictures of a completely disassembled unit.  
  • Step up, 

    I did not.  Instead of grabbing a screwdriver and prying I was hoping to find some sort of guide.  Thanks in advance!  

  • Figured it out! 

    Take the screw-in stud out of the inside of the handle.
    Grab the rope/robe hanger thing. 
    Push the rope/robe hanger thing toward the handle while having the open hole from the removal of the stud vertically facing down. 
    Have a unthreaded pin fall from handle assembly onto your foot.  
    Repeat on the other side.  

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    Right on! Sorry I hadn't read your reply until now. Glad you figured it out..