Tune Up Kit 1929

So I have been very lucky to have an extensive list of parts for my car and have lent on the generosity of some local members for both parts and advice for which I am extremely grateful, however where do people purchase a tune up kit for their 1929 Hudsons... specifically condensers, breaker points, rotors and caps?


  • ken1962
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    With my 1936 terraplane I was lucky to get a list of part numbers and numbers of parts which could do the same job. Unfortunately you need to visit swap meets, use the internet to find businesses who sell them and finally troll the eBay sites etc and hunt the stuff down. I'm 60 so I thought if I found 6 sets that should do me in my lifetime. I'm there and when I come across the part I buy it and put it in my spare parts cabinet. Trying to find the parts can be fun to track down or a pain. Parts are getting hard as they near 100 years old ... however most were manufactured up till the 1970s...so you could be in luck...cheers ken 
  • andrewp
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    Thanks Ken, I thought as much and I appreciate you responding. So does anyone know of particular part numbers or alternative part numbers, my distributor is an Autolite 4059 and I am presuming that there will many different condensers in particular which will fit?

    Thanks once again
  • 35 Terraplane
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    Try taromfg.com (315-252-9430) in Auburn NY.  They list the cap, rotor, condenser & point set for 28-33 Essex in the online catalog.  I live in Auburn and have purchased parts for my 35 T.  They purchased tooling from American companies and use the real deal Bakelite that will not leak electrically like the cheap offshore stuff.  They don't always have the parts in stock but it's worth a shot.