charles4d Expert Adviser
I have a friend  in Wisconsin  he bought  hudson pants from  Mark Powell and was scared just a heads up


  • ski4life65
    ski4life65 Expert Adviser
    Huh? We will need more explanation on this statement. What happened?
  • charles4d
    charles4d Expert Adviser
    Briar bought 4 hudson hubcaps $250.00
    He never received  them the guy phone is disconnected. 
    Out $250.00
  • Hudsy Wudsy
    Hudsy Wudsy Senior Contributor
    So, rather than "pants", you think that he bought "parts"? I think that you are also saying that he got "scammed"? Do you post things without looking at them?
  • ski4life65
    ski4life65 Expert Adviser
    Scammed......not scared. Makes more sense now. HaHa.
  • eddiehudson
    eddiehudson Senior Contributor, Member
    Mark Powell does not appear to be or ever was a HET Club member.
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Where is the supposed Mark Powell from?  If N CA, it may be the notorious old car parts scammer that has been pulling this routine for many years.  The typical story is: My Dad passed away a few years ago and left me with many parts for Car X, many NOS, some used.  Don't have the cars any longer and want to sell these parts.  Seems to know whatever model car you have very well and comes off as a semi-expert, etc.  I had a run-in with him a few years ago when looking for 52 Nash Rambler parts.  I got suspicious when he had NOS parts that I had been looking for for many years and had several of this and that.  I check with the Nash guys said they never heard of him, but some had been scammed by some guy in N. CA.  The name changes, but the story is usually the same.