Night Train at L.A. Roadster show 2022

VicTor Z
VicTor Z Senior Contributor
Night Train!


  • railknight
    railknight Expert Adviser
    Thanks for sharing!  It apparently has an Oldsmobile 324 "Rocket 88" engine.  
  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Saw the car when Ed M had it…thanks my brother
  •  Love the Night Train, yes that is me next to it at Solvang, CA Western.   I found the for sale ad in the back of a Rod Action magazine in Phil Roskie’s bookstore at another Hudson meet for the NorCal chapter and it was owned by longtime Hudson member Wayne Ballerstein(I’m sure I spelled that wrong) for years.  
  • Here is a pic from MotorTrend 
  • tombia
    tombia Member
    I remember the car when it was first done, I wonder how many people know how it was sectioned, was fairly easy, If you know Hudsons, then should be able to figure it out. 
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    I think Hudson had it right to begin with.
    It's different , not better IMO