Hudson Trucks of 1946

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Hello. I am reading conflicting information about the type of truck Hudson made in 1946. I see a 1946 Hudson 1/2 ton truck for sale on craigslist but everyone says there was no 1/2 ton in 1946, only the Big Boy. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!


  • All 46-47 trucks were 3/4 ton.
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    And, there were no 'Big Boy' pickups in 1946 or 1947. The term "Big Boy" was dropped by Hudson - although many continue to use the term as a reference for all 3/4 ton Hudson pickups.
    The listing of 1/2 ton was just an error on the seller's part. Hudson made only one model in 1946 & 1947, that of a 128" WB, 3/4 ton pickup with a 212 cu in flathead engine.
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    There are 12 leaves in the factory rear springs, although some have removed some leaves for a better ride.