Speedometer cable RPMs

Hi everybody!  I have a '51 Pacemaker and I'm trying once again to mess with the speedometer.  I understand that for most brand X models the speedometer rotates at 1000 RPM when the meter indicates 60 MPH.  I believe I read somewhere that Hudson cables rotate 2000 RPM at 60 MPH.  Does anyone have information about this?  Thanks! 


  • 54coupe
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    edited July 2022
    Hudson speedometers run about 1/2 speed, when compared to other makes. So, in theory, what you said is correct. I have no idea what the relationship of cable rpm to MPH is.
  • Glowplug
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    With the advent of phones with Apps... my 30 year fight with the speedo in my 53 Wasp ended.  I pulled the inner cable out of the cable sheath and now use a speedometer app on my iphone to monitor my speed.  The app is Spot On and when checked by following in my late model digital speedo pickup... the indicated speeds match... another advantage is it is exact speed.