2bbl Stepdown 6 linkage photo

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I am working on coming up with a linkage design for the new 2x2 intake and I think I have anyone switching from a Twin H worked out, but I don't for anyone switching from a single 2bble setup.  Can someone post or send me photos of the 2bbl linkage from the carb down to the firewall?  


  • found this on wildrick site
  • Here are 3 angles on top and 1 down to the firewall.  These are from a 1951 Super 6.  A short wheelbase Pacemaker, Wasp, or Super Wasp will likely be different from the firewall.
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    Thanks this is a big help.  It looks pretty much like my C8 linkage.  It will take a bit more thinking on how to modify the 2bbl linkage for the new manifold than it will on the Twin H.  So far the Twin H will use a hard linkage between the 2 Weber carbs and then a cable to the linkage on the left side of the engine.  The 2bbl will not be quite as simple, at least at first glance.  I am trying to make sure that any modifications can be easily undone if one wants to return to the original setups.