Putting back a horn button - ‘53 Wasp

I removed the horn button in order to remove the steering wheel so I could paint the wheel. After many attempts and adapted pullers including drilling 2 holes into the wheel hub to adapt a puller the wheel wouldn’t budge. So I painted the wheel in position. Then I plugged those holes (see photo 1) and now some weeks later, I’m trying to put back the horn button. Trouble is I can’t remember how it goes back. I put the base plate back in, then the retaining nut at the top of the shaft and then the horn wire connection retaining cap. When I then try to put back the horn button itself by pressing it down on to the base plate and turning it clockwise ( I.e. reverse order of removal) the base plate turns as well. How does the base plate stay fixed to the wheel hub so the horn button can lock into it? The nut doesn’t press down on it hard enough to keep it fixed in position. What am I doing wrong? 


  • Another question regarding the ‘53 Wasp horn button. The photo below shows the metal contact spring in the body of the button. Is it the right way up (bearing in mind that both spring and body will of course be turned over to fit in the steering wheel hub)?
  • very different to set up on 52 Wasp