Final Pricing on The new Super Power Dome II head with Twin Vortex combustion chambers

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
OK everyone I finally have the final numbers on the new Hudson Super Power Dome II head with Twin Vortex combustion chambers, so here goes:

Head w/ 1/2" bolt holes, 8.4:1 compression ratio (stock 308 block) - $1,100 (plus shipping and handling - shipment will be direct from the casting company), which is $150 less than the $1,250 estimate I had in January!   

  • You will have a no-cost option for those that want to turbo/supercharge or have a stroker crank to leave 0.250" extra metal on the head to block the mating surface.  You will need to mill it to whatever you need.
  • Another option is for 21,  7/16" to 1/2" hardened bushings for those that have 7/16" head bolts or studs.  A plus with option is that you will not need hardened washers.  This will be a $48 adder.

What is not included?  I will not be providing a head gasket or thermostat housing.  I would recommend you obtain your head gasket from Dale Cooper as he has several options, depending on 1/2" or 7/16" bolts/studs.  The thermostat housing will be standard SBC style which can be purchased at pretty much any auto parts store.  I would recommend the new swivel type so you can adjust the hose angle as you like.

I am requiring a 75% - $825 upfront deposit (if you want the bushings the $48 will be added to your final balance before shipping).  I will need your deposit by Saturday, August 27th for your order to be included in this casting run.  I am not sure there will be additional runs as I have no idea how much interest, beyond you (and me) Hudson die-hards, there is out there.  Also note, this price is for first run buyers only, the price on any future casting runs will not be at the $1,100 price since I expect the volume to drop off significantly for any possible future runs.

We are looking at a 6 to 8 week delivery, so possibly late October.

If you already signed up I have your email address and you will be receiving an email from me with my home address to send a check or money order, or you can pay with paypal, with a 2.9% adder ($24).  If you want to be included and have not signed up you can PM, and of course PM me any questions. My direct email is: (drop the HUDSON).

Thanks everyone for the support on this project.  The manifold is still underway and I hope to have it ready for casting by November or December.

Dan White