Cotton wicker packing

What do I use to replace the cotton wicker packing in the main bearing caps? Thank you.


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Mop string. 
  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    To install, I duplicated factory tool.   heavy coat hanger wire, hammer one end flat, split it to make a two prong fork end.  Slightly curve pointed ends.  Insert cotton mop strand into hole, then use fork end to keep pushing it into hole. Ocasionly use a straight flat punch to pack cotton tightly into hole. keep adding until full.
    Factory tool had a woock handle, I just bent end into a loop for finger to control tool.
    good luck
  • Hans
    Hans Senior Contributor
    I use the good thick white cotton mop string, the drab grey and other thin stuf does not seem to pack as well.  
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