OEM 308 fan blade size

dave11 Expert Adviser
Anyone know offhand the diameter of a stock Hornet 308 cooling fan?
mine met a violent death years ago, I have installed a 18” 6 blade fan, but it’s pretty close to the upper rad hose. I am looking at installing a radiator shroud to help cooling

Dave Eddie


  • 18" should be correct.  On my 1951 it comes within about 3/4" from the upper radiator hose/radiator neck.  Per the manual, the fan should be about 3/4" from the radiator (too far away and it doesn't effectively pull air through the radiator).
  • Here is the 18" stock fan with the turned tips on top of the earlier design with the straight tips. 

    The Hornet came with the improved design on top.  It is a OEM upgrade for Super 6 and Commodore built before 1952.  It moves considerably more air and I noticed the cooling impact on my 262. 

    Of course, 5 and 6-blade fans with improved blade designs will move even more air.  They vary widely on whether they look like they belong in the engine bay.  Many make considerable noise.  Distance from the radiator is critical if operating without a shroud. 

  • A side note for those concerned about getting fan too close to the radiator: I have rods on both sides of my 308 that are connect to engine at front and the crossmember at rear and are sound isolated front, back, & around rods w/rubber. Double nutted & lock nutted ! Photos are of rod connections on left side. Expensive alum. radiator prompted this & it was something else to do !

  • dave11
    dave11 Expert Adviser
    Thanks guys, all good advice!
    I am looking at installing a shroud onto the radiator,
    the 6 blade fan I am using is 18” diameter and it does pass above the core, coming, as mentioned about 3/4” from the upper rad hose.
    This makes fitting a shroud a bit of a challenge, but I’m sure it is do able.