Twin Vortex head update and follow on pricing

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
The tooling and machining fixtures should be underway next week.  It will take about 4 to 6 weeks for these to be completed.  I am not sure of the casting schedule yet, but we are probably looking at early to mid-Nov for the heads to get into machining and start shipping from the latest info from the casting company.

I am still accepting orders at this time.  I will do so at the $1,100 price until we start casting.  After the casting run, the price for any orders for heads will be $1,450.00 and I do not know how many extras there will be.  Future runs will depend on interest.  So if you know any of your Hudson friends that may have an interest they should be getting their orders in very soon.  As a side note, since these will be limited in quantity even if you buy one and put it away I am guessing you can sell it for more than what you pay for it.


Thanks for everyone’s support on this project.


  • Kdancy
    Kdancy Senior Contributor
    Very good price. John Fell at Buddy Bar Casting is one of the best in the country. Does a lot of work for Edelbrock.