Sharing stepdown door seal info

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 In the past I have used seals from KGap along with Wildricks, on a couple of Hudson's I was working on.

In Wildricks door kit for 4dr stepdown 48-53, you get a set of

 1-Roof rail seals, this mounts to the top door openings of the body where the doors shut against the body, and goes down the windshield post to where the top of the dash is. 

 2-Front "vertical" or A pillar seal. This mounts to the A pillar and goes over the door hinge attached to the A pillar.

 It follows the roof rail seal down to the bottom of the A pillar.

3-Front door- front edge seals, these mount to the leading edge of the front door which has a trough for the seal to set in/glue down.

 4-B pillar, D hole shaped  does not actually mount to the B pillar but to the leading/front edge of the rear door. The front door will close against this seal when closed.  (B and C seals are the same seal, cut to fit both applications)

 5-C pillar,  D hole shaped same as the B seal. This actually mounts to the body, runs from the roof rail seal down to the bottom of the door opening. The door closes against this when closed.

 6- Front and rear door "Sweeps". These mount to the bottom of the front/rear doors and "sweep" onto the door/body step plate area when closed.

 *Large S seal that attaches to door in the door to cowl/front fender area is not included in this kit.

 Recently purchased a door seal kit for 52 4dr from Wildricks and found some difference in application from the KGap one.

KGap used the roof rail seal for both the roof rail and the C pillar located behind the rear door. So one seal type used for both areas.

For Wildricks kit, there are two different seals used, one for the roof seal and another (marked B & C Pillar, both same type) for the C pillar itself.

Also the seal marked B & C pillar, that seal is actually mounted on the front of the rear door on to it's seal channel and not on the actual B pillar.

Next, the seal that is referenced as front and rear "sweep", is referred to in the Hudson body manual as the "Door Panel Bottom Weatherstrip and is attached to the bottom of the door.