Adding an auxillary vacuum pump to your Hudson

50C8DAN Senior Contributor
I added an auxiliary pump to my Hornet to ensure I had good vacuum for the brake booster I changed to.  However, it is also useful if you want to keep a vacuum on your wipers.  I explored some of the pumps from the street rod brake guys out there but wowee!!!  This was pretty simple to install and buying the used parts on ebay amounted to less than $100.  GM uses these pumps on many cars and trucks so they are plentiful and cheap, the switch is also generic.  Here is the schematic and parts links.  You can source a check valve at any parts store.  You might want to add a small vacuum canister.  The power brake-equipped Hornets had one, so that was not necessary.  The only down side is that it only works for 12V neg ground.