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Got a question for any carb experts that can lead me to solve this problem;

I started my 54 Super Wasp Twin-H in the morning and the engine turned alive as it should be. Unfortunately during midday I wanted to drive the car to get a lunch; It wanted to start, but died off quickly, preventing the engine to wake up. 

There is sparks and gas just fine, and as of right now I assume that the issue may be a carb ajustment but I'm not quite sure yet( can be the idle out of wack, gas mixture or anything esle ). I'll try some easy methods to start it tomorrow before I play with them and see if I can find a clue.

Any lead to what could be the cause?


  • You need to confirm you have spark ...remove sparkplug and check for spark

    Check your fuel flow. Remove pipe from carb and place over a container..check if fuel flows...maybe the filter is blocked or pump membrane failed.

    Pour abit of fuel into carb and see if it starts...if not when was the last time the carbs were rebuilt/serviced...(if more than 10 years they should be) maybe they are gummed up. You could try carb liquid cleaner ...if not remove carbs and clean ...I wouldnt adjust anything as moving the jets just compound your problems if there is blocking in the carb airways. 

    Cheers ken 
  • I've done some testings today, yet no luck still.

    There is plenty of fuel in the system, enough to drown the engine just by cranking it. As for electricity, it seems to be a hit or miss; It does have sparks, but I observed the even with a fully charged 6 volts battery (the vehicule is on a 6 volts positive ground system), I feel like the starter cranks at a snail pace and drains the battery.

    When I try to start the car, it really wants to come alive, but dies quickly after even with some shots of brake cleaner.

    Should I start to look on the electrical side? If yes, which part should I look for clues? I'll see if I can find some tonight before trying again tomorrow.
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    First , is your battery Good? You say fully charged, but does it pass a load test?
    Once the battery is eliminated as a problem , you can move on to Ignition.
    Bad condenser's will cause an intermittent and weak spark.
    You mention the car ran good, you shut it off and tried to restart but won't keep running.
    One easy thing , after you load test the battery , is to check all ground wires, including to the body.
  • Also, the coil might be good when it is cool, but be bad when it has heated up.
  • I finally found the bloody culprit: it was a shim on the starter.

    The shim was putting the bendix far enough that when the engine wanted to go, it was disengaging way too soon from the flywheel. Once I removed it, the engine was finally able come alive, but now the bendix is a bit too close as I can hear it grinding on the flywheel.

    Now that the car is back home ( it was stuck on my workplace's parking lot ), I'll be able to peacefully check for a solution about the starter.

  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser