33' Terraplane Battery

In looking at the wiring diagram from '33 Terraplane 8 manual, it looks as if the positive side of the battery is going to the starter. Look at the blow-up picture of the battery in the attached. 

Can this be possible? This would make it a negative ground.

Thanks for the feedback. 


  • That is correct. '33's were negative ground. Hudson went to positive ground in '34.
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    I learn something here every day. 
  • Wow! thank you for your help.
  • You are welcome.
  • My hudson 8 from 1934 has the positive to the mass.
  • 5433HET
    5433HET Expert Adviser
    I wonder what prompted the change?
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    One source suggests that with positive ground the insulation did not tend to disintegrate as much , due to the reversed chemical action  of converting acid to electricity.  
  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
    My 1950 MGTD (and ALL MGTD /TFs and every MG before) are positive ground. The only reason owners are converting negative ground is so they can power ports to charge their electronic doo-dads. 

    Regards, Tom