overdrive with alternator


Anyone out there successfully running an alternator with overdrive unit. Have set up as suggested overdrive wire to hot side of starter solenoid but no action.




  • I have an alternator on my 46 pickup with O/D. I converted it to 12 volts and swapped out the 6 volt o/d solenoid for a 12 volt one from a mid 50’s Ford. I ran a single wire from the ignition switch to a toggle switch with a little pilot light to the o/d solenoid. Works fine, flip the switch let up on gas and it’s in o/d. Flip it off and step on gas and it’s out of o/d. Put a fuse inline on the wire. Kenny Cates web site has a overdrive solenoid list.  They all look the same but there is a long plunger and short plunger. Hook it up to a battery with a jumper wire and measure the plunger throw.
    my Hudson as a long throw so I tried a couple and found one from Ford that matched up. Most all of the overdrives were made by Borg Warner and have interchangeable parts.

  • Was thinking of doing that. Alternator is 6 volt positive ground so want have to worry about swapping solenoids.