Bonnet hinge clips

35 Terraplane
35 Terraplane Senior Contributor
Can anyone post a picture of the hinge clip mounted on the radiator shell for a 35 T. It was missing when I got the car. The parts book lists a few other parts related to the clip. Wanted to know if it's similar to the one mounted on the fire wall. Also wanted to know if anyone has a spare one they are willing to part with.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
     I am on the road, but if memory serves..they are essentially the same. I did not check the part numbers. I can look at my car next week when I get back if no one chimes in. Regards, Tom
  • bob ward
    bob ward Senior Contributor
    The 35T bonnet hinge ends are the same front and back, for a 35H the front hinge end is the same as the T but the rear hinge ends are different. Hinge ends from any early MG, models TA to TF will work for the 35T.
  • 35 Terraplane
    35 Terraplane Senior Contributor
    Thanks Tom & Bob,  after I posted this a guy right here in town told me about the MGTC hinge ends.  I found them on Moss Motors in CA.  Looks like I'm in business.
  • 35 Terraplane
    35 Terraplane Senior Contributor
    It will be the shiniest bit on my all original survivor