Mounting a fan clutch

dave11 Expert Adviser
Anyone had experience installing a fan clutch into a step down?
On my 52 Hornet 308 I have installed a 6 blade fan to help cooling, but apparently these fans take quite a bit of hp at highway speeds when they are not required.
Seems like a fan clutch may be the answer.



  • dave11
    dave11 Expert Adviser
    Should have read Mounting a fan clutch 
    autocorrect !
  • Flex might be a little easier and less anachronistic.
  • I'm not sure there is room for a fan clutch. All of them that I have measured are 3" from mounting face to the end of the unit near the radiator core. with allowing for engine movement, I would think you need at least 3.5" total between the mounting face on the water pump pulley, and the radiator core.
  • I’ve never seen any mileage difference between a Hudson fan and a flex fan as a Hudson doesn’t get very good mileage anyway, esp if you’re trying to keep up and out of the way of modern traffic. Main thing is to keep the engine cool and a flex fan works great. Also a fan clutch is heavy and will put more strain on the water pump shaft and bearings.