Dana-Spicer gear swap question

I have a 1954 Dana-Spicer with 4:55 gears removed from a Hornet. I want to swap to a 3:07 set of gears since I have
switched to a 2004r trans.  I'm told in addition to changing the ring and pinion that the carrier will also need to be changed to mate with the 3:07 gears. So, now what about the axles, do they need to be changed as well or will 4:55 axles work with 3:07 gears.   Any help much appreciated.


  • All 52 -54 rear axles on Dana 44  Hudson rear ends will interchange. Ratio does not matter.
  • My research shows that 1954 Hudson dana rear end had 1 1/2"  19 spline axles. Is this correct?