Looking for part # 223187

Called--   escutcheon instrument panel steering column for a  501-504 -- My Commodore came with part #'s 213684 & 213685 which the parts interchange book says is for a 1948 and 1949. I may sell or trade these two parts.   Terry


  • It's part number 223187 you're looking for. In your case it was a brown rubber steering column to dash decorative 'grommit'   Doug Wildrick may carry these . They were a one year only part.
  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
    it may not be glamorous, but your local hardware store may have a near match in the plumbing department. 

    Regards, Tom
  • I couldn't find the part on Wildricks website but I googled "1950 Hudson dashboard" and there's a car that Doug restored, a 1950 Commodore 6- 4 door, that clearly shows a chrome trim piece covering the opening where the shift shaft and steering tube come through the dash. It's listed on a Volo museum add. Anyone have a better picture of their '50 Commodore dash?  Terry
  • Here's what came with my car. For a '49-'49. For sale!   Terry
  • Should say for '48 and '49
  • ski4life65
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    Do you have a picture of the part you need? Is it supposed to be plastic instead of chrome?
  • I don't know what it looks like, only distant pictures but no closeups. I think its chromed metal of some type...similar to what came with the car in the picture I posted but not split into two pieces. I may have the wrong part number also...I was going off what the pieces I have and how they were described in the interchange manual..."escutcheon- instrument panel steering column". I kept searching for the word escutcheon through the manual until I came upon the same description on page 374 saying part # 223187 ...for models 501 through 504. I believe the Commodore 6's were model 502. Terry