Which Carter carb do I have on my ‘53 Wasp?

Can anyone tell me where the model of Carter carburetor is indicated on the carb? Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough but I just can’t see it. The manual (Mechanical Procedure Manual Supplement 1953 - 1954 Models) lists several in “Section 2, Engine Tune-up”. WA1-749-S, WA1-968-S, WA1-990-S, WA1-2009-S, WA1-2113-S and WA1-2114-S.


  • ski4life65
    ski4life65 Expert Adviser
    edited November 2022
    It looks like you have a 2 barrel. WA-1 is a one barrel.
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    That is a WDO two-barrel Carby, normally fitted to a 262 engine.  Either your engine or manifold has been changed, as the Wasp would have originally had a 232, with a WA1. Super Wasp had 262. 
  • Thanks guys. I think I recall somebody saying way back that it was a WDO. The engine is in fact a 262 which I think was standard on new Wasps imported into Australia in the early fifties. Hudsons were imported in knock down form and assembled in Melbourne. The earlier Pacemakers had 232s. I still don’t know where the model number is indicated on the carb though. If at all?
  • lostmind
    lostmind Expert Adviser
    It would have had a brass tag under the bowl top screw. Usually end up gone after several disassembles.
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    There will be a number stamped into the base, under the butterflies.  
  • Thanks again.
  • bob ward
    bob ward Senior Contributor
    FWIW, Australian 54 Super Wasps were SWB Wasps with the 262 engine, Wasp trim and Super Wasp badges.