Overdrive solenoid installation issues

1946 R9-B1 trans OD.  I’m having a devil of a time trying to get the solenoid pawl installed in the slot. I’ve attempted inserting per the instructions (90 deg insertion and rotate) but it just won’t go into place.  I have another R9 OD and it installs fine in that unit. Ive visually inspected both of my units and I can’t see any difference.  Any words of wisdom from the Hudson hive?

thanks in advance


  • There are two different length shafts. Take a jumper wire and battery and measure the length of the shaft. The solenoids look identical except for the shaft.
  • Thanks.  This solenoid unit was working in the other identical trans OD.  I pulled that one out due to a broken tooth on the low/reverse gear.  I’ve taken the spacer off and still can’t get it to hook in the slot