Pulled the clutch to find this…

BigSky Senior Contributor
Pulled the clutch today on my 37…


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    wow... got full use of all the corks!    :/
  • 35 Terraplane
    35 Terraplane Senior Contributor
    Holy Smokes
  • terraplane8
    terraplane8 Senior Contributor
    It looks like it's been used without any corks at all!! It must have worked dreadfully badly.
  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Gasket too thin.   with the correct gasket the clutch should slip badly long before this happens. 
  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    Get it refaced with Kevlar - not corks - and take care to set the clutch fingers exactly right.
  • Well look on the bright side. No clutch plate stuck to the flywheel.
  • Amazing....was it emitting any unusual sounds?
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    He was drag racing a '53 Cadillac and all of a sudden down in the gears his Terraplane was knocking, a red light was blinking and the cops were after his hot rod Terraplane....
  • Now that is funny.
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    When I bought the 37 coupe 20+ years ago the clutch was slipping so bad I couldn’t even drive it, so it sat.  

    Around 6 years ago, I started working on the coupe to finally get her back on the road & enjoy her.  The last thing I was going to do was the clutch but it appeared to be grabbing now.  Not having done a clutch before I thought I’d let it go for the time being, as it appeared to work.  After 500 miles of breaking in the work I did to the engine it started to slip again but never made any grinding or other noises.  

    I’d never have thought it would come out cork-less.  Indeed someone before me sure got all the life & more from this coupe’s original clutch. I’ll be upgrading to a 10” clutch (pressure plate & fly wheel) in case I decide to do a bit more performance work to the old 212 in her or put a 254-8 in her.  Love the sound of an 8 cylinder!!!

  • StepUp
    StepUp Member
    edited January 2023
    What? Aren't those holes for heat dissipation?? ;-)
  • BigSky
    BigSky Senior Contributor
    And definitely don’t have to worry about the clutch fluid not squeezing out…