Horn button reassembly

Help! Can anyone show me how the horn button (not ring) pieces from a ‘53 Wasp go back together please? A description or better still a diagram would be great or even better still a series of photos of each piece back in position. Unfortunately the cross section diagram in the workshop manual is useless. The base plate (bottom right hand corner in first photo below) presumably goes in first but is there a tan colored rubber washer about inch and a quarter diameter that goes in after that -  before the retaining nut? (See third photo). I had this mysterious rubber washer on the bench and it just seemed to fit.

By the way if you’re wondering why there are two screw heads in the steering wheel hub in the second photo below, ignore them. In a final attempt to pull the wheel off to paint it I ended up drilling two holes to put puller arms through. The wheel still wouldn’t budge so I plugged the holes with a couple of screws.


  • You're about 90%  there already from the last photo.      Take the 6 finger spring contact washer and put it into the horn button with the lowest contact finger  facing down. Secure steering wheel nut. . Place the contact  cup within the  contact base within the four tabs. The outter tabs should be in the 12;00 ,8;00 and 4:00  positions  on a centered wheel. Take the horn contact wire and button and place it within the small punched out circle and center it.   The shoulder of the bakelite contact button fits into this recessed area.  Finally take the horn  button and place it into a position which the center design is at the 4:00 position aligning with the inner horn button tabs on the contact base. Press down on the horn button and turn toward the 6:00 position.   . Done
  • Many thanks Lance. Great description. So I take it that the tan colored rubber washer (on top of base plate in last photo) IS part of the set up?
  • No it's not. Don't have a clue about that.
  • here are photos when I went into mine for something, can't remember what.
    >>>   https://goo.gl/photos/nHZqb8n2ardPXFS37
  • Thanks Richard. Sorry for late reply. It seems these Hudson horn buttons are a mixed bunch. Every one seems different. Anyway the good news is I’ve sorted out how my horn button goes back together and the problem was in the horn relay all along. Which prompts me to ask - is there anyone in the US who supplies 6-volt horn relays as originally on the ‘53 Wasp? (See photo).

  • I do ;)