Evans waterless coolant

Is anyone using this? If so, in what? Share your experiences, good or bad, please. I know it is not cheap, but I’m thinking I may use it in my 54. They advertise it as a lifetime coolant, no electrolysis with aluminum parts, high boiling point, with 4-5 PSI cap…. I’d love to hear any first hand experiences.


  • Oh boy. This is like the oil and zinc topic. I've never used it but seen many, many threads on it. I can't say I'm convinced one way or the other.
    What problem are you trying to address? The corrosion factor or the heat transfer factor? 
  • I don't have any problems yet. This is a fresh build (my 54 coupe with the Jag front end, and big block Ford engine that is documented here). I will be using an aluminum radiator, and intake, and I guess I'm most concerned about electrolysis issues. With everything being new, or rebuilt, I don't foresee any issues with overheating. I'm exploring options, to try and make a somewhat educated decision when the time comes.
  • 5433HET
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    Jay Leno uses it, search for his show on the Evans, it will convince you.
  • I think it makes more sense for a new build than a replacement in an old system. What I found didn't convince me there was significant advantage in an old system that had already run conventional EG for years. 
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    Another benefit besides corrosion protection, is that Evans lasts for years and  years. Maybe a lifetime?
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    I have looked into that in the past. I found this company and am very happy with their products.  
    They also have info in their newsletters regarding Evans...

    Newsletters they address water and Evans are Fall 2018 and 2021.
  • Thanks jjbubaboy. I'm convinced.