Hudson 8 mascot badge

Hi from Australia. I am looking to buy a bonnet mascot badge like the one pictured. Any help appreciated.


  • Oops;not easy to find. Mine is in less beautiful condition than the one in the photo

  • At least it is straight. The one pictured isn’t mine. Hopefully a badge will turn up.

  •  :)  YES
  • I believe HarryMCN is picturing a '35 emblem while Jack356 is exhibiting a '34 emblem.  I'm looking for an ornament base like the one Jack356 has pictured.  I already have the emblem and bird - just need the base. Thanks

  • The '34 Hudson (non-Terraplane) ornament base looks like this.  
  • Jay_G
    Jay_G Expert Adviser
    You can have them restored if your emblem is straight and not marked up.  The major expense with having this done is the thin strip of metal that separates the colors.  If this is damaged is gets expensive.  I am having a 1927 Essex emblem done at the moment.  This may be faster than finding an emblem of good quality.

  • Where are you having it restored?
  • There is a lady, Karla Maxwell who restores them. She does an excellent job. You should be able to Google her and find her. In California I think, or at least out west somewhere.

  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    The '34 Triangle emblem is different from the '35 and the '36.
    My '34 example was very worn and I couldn't find a better one so I substituted the Hudson Motor Car Co triangle emblem from an old belt buckle of the type that used to be sold by the HET shop.
    It works on the '34 base and, although it wouldn't be acceptable at Pebble Beach, it looks OK and here in Britain no-one knows any better.  :D