Side Mirrors

I am looking to replace my clamp-on mirror with the type of mirrors advertised in the service merchandiser. I seem to recall PAULARGETYPE selling these types of mirrors previously. Does anyone know if he is still selling them?  If not, are there other sources?


  • Val
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    sent u a pm
  • I was able to obtain a pair of side view mirrors that are close to those Paul used to offer (he’s not able to offer them now because supplier costs). Does anyone who has installed Paul’s mirrors have a template they can send to me for mounting? I’ve asked Paul, but I think he’s been swamped and hasn’t t been able to get me a template. Scan or mail is fine.


  • onerare39
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  • Yes, the mirrors are similar to what Hudson offered. Hoping someone here has a template I can use to tape on the doors to drill the holes to mount the mirrors to make sure they are in the correct location. I recall Paul saying that he had a template that put the mirrors in the best location for viewing and non interference with the vent windows.

  • bull_islander
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    Jeremy, I've got a pair of Paul's mirrors that were never installed. If there is a template, it should be in the box. I'll look tonight.

  • Thank you for looking. Hopeful a template is in there.

  • ratlee2
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    Here is the template that was forwarded to me years ago. I never used it, so you will want to verify the scale by measuring the distance of the mounting screws on the template against your mirror.

  • Thank you!

  • bull_islander
    bull_islander Expert Adviser

    What he posted above is the same as what I have in the boxes.

    I didn't realize Paul no longer had them. Mine are for sale if anyone else is looking.