“How To” videos

Just wondering if there are any workshop “how to” videos of the YouTube variety specific to HET cars on the Hudson forum? Perhaps I’m just not looking. I have a 1948-52 Hudson workshop manual which is often useless to say the least. For example to do something as basic as inspecting or removing a front brake cylinder it says “1. Remove wheel and hub and drum”. No problem with removing the wheel but hub and drum? Nothing. Zero. 


  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
    There are tasks that back in the day were basic and familiar to anyone mechanically inclined. Unfortunately for some current owners that knowledge needs to be passed to a new generation of owners. Perhaps you could find someone in you local chapter to assist you in making and posting the videos you need. You learn and share the knowledge for future owners..a win-win as they say. …at least until gasoline is no longer readily available. 
    Regards, Tom
  • railknight
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    Doug Wildrick has a few "how to do" videos on YouTube such as this: (252) Hudson Throwout bearing and transmission install - YouTube  There are other videos on YouTube, though not specific to Hudson, that demonstrate how to do basic maintenance tasks on vintage cars that are very similar to how you'd do it on a Hudson.  
  • ratlee2
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    I would love to see a video on stepdown king pin replacement. 
  • Jon B
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    This could be an interesting and worthwhile exercise.  Of course, the first thing would be to find a volunteer to act as a coordinator and editor.  The coordinator would go out and beat the drums, trying to interest people in making these videos.  

    Of course there already exists a Forum category with dozens of "how-to" instructions https://openforum.hetclub.org/categories/skills-mechanical-and-other-wise, including this one by Paul Schuster, illustrating the removal of a rear brake drum: https://hetclub.org/index.php?option=com_simgallery&view=album&aid=26&Itemid=656   But these are not in video form.

    For someone not comfortable at editing a video "how-to", a series of step by step photos might be easier to do.

    But you still need one person to volunteer as a coordinator, to get this off the ground.