Hudson Carb Heat Shield Installation Question

hi - i have only seen the metal carb heat shields installed with the shield angled part up - i never thought much about it - i recently saw an image of the twin h engine from steve mcqueen's '53 hornet sedan - the heat shield angled parts were in the down position - which way is correct? i see in mcqueen's engine, this mounting position may stop more heat, but with the angle up, it may prevent seeping fuel from running on the hot manifolds? any thoughts? thanks


  • Per the manual, up and toward the block with equal gasketing on each side. I think someone reassembled Steve's carbs wrong on his sedan. 
  • Illustration
  • thanks for this - any thoughts as to why it's supposed to be "up"?
  • I've never found a description of operation.  I suspect they help in two ways. I believe they create a minor, physical barrier between the carb and the radiant heat of the block and also direct some amount of airflow from the fan across the carb. 
    I can, however, say they don't seem to work well upside down. Mine came to me with the deflectors upside down and had hot start issues that resolved once I flipped them back.
  • thanks - very helpful - i figured they may have something to do with air flow, especially as i notice more engineered details throughout my '53 hornet
  • When they are mounted upside down they trap the heat holding them under the carburetors rather than deflecting the heat away and carried off by the fan
  • Anyone know where I can get a pair of carb heat shields for a 1953 Hudson Hornet?

    Thanks in advance, Vic
  • Wildrick Restoration has them. 
  • Thanks, cheyenne7271....
    I just ordered the carb heat shields and gaskets from Wildrick Restorations.
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