Aluminum head - Hudson? Is it good for anything?

I recently went to the Turlock CA swap meet.  Guy was selling this aluminum head. Said that it was Hudson and I thought maybe. I am not a Hudson expert but the price was right, so I brought it home. Is it Hudson? What is the application? Is it good for anything?    Seller said that it was NOS. It might actually be, or new car take off. It looks very clean. 

Looks like the pictures are posting upside down, but I think you get the idea


  • Geoff
    Geoff Senior Contributor
    Looks like a '48-50 262 head.   Make a good wall ornament.
  • They’re great if you know how to install and maintain them.  Most folks in the club do not know.  Hence the wall hanger comments.  Lol
  •   :/  Well if anyone does need it let me know, it doesn't fit my 8.
    I got it with the idea to rehome it anyway. 
  • What are you asking for this head and where are you located? I'm in Casper Wyoming
  • PM sent