New Members joining confirming email

PaulButler Administrator
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There is a current issue with confirmation emails being sent out from here, they appear to go but end up somewhere in the cloud.

I have set all those waiting for email to be confirmed as being confirmed however I can't be sure who are legitimate members or not , we still get spammers.

If you are still getting a "Confirm your email" message let me know via this discussion and I can sort you out


  • Hi Paul, it's been a long time I did not come here and now, like you said, it looks like I'm in the cloud myself! Thanks! I want to renew my membership.

  • onerare39
    onerare39 Expert Adviser, Member
    53, you will want to go to the main page at HETCLUB.ORG to renew.  If you forgot your password Aaron will be able to help you.  Thank you for renewing.  John Forkner
  • Paul I’m getting the confirm email address message
  • took a couple of rounds for me but it worked