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Kdancy Senior Contributor
I will be shutting down my Summit Racing account. I have done thousands of dollars worth of business with them over the years.
Recently I was looking at a hydraulic jack on their website and tried to find out where it was made. Had to call the product business owner to find out and found out it is made in China. I posted in a review what the businees told me. Summit refused to post my review because they said it was racists. I refuse to buy anything made in China unless there is no other option, due to them making inferior products and as a communists country, pay slave wages and are anti- American but love our money.


  • Glowplug
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    Brother Dancy; thanks for posting your experience with SUMMIT.  So many folks are bound and determined to shame their customers falsely. Sadly they fail to realize that the price of their action is loss of business. Ken Cates

  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Everyone should realize that all of Summit, Jegs, Speedway,'s private label stuff is made in China.  I have compared them and found they sell name-brand US-made products, but as you might imagine they are much more.  I just bought 4 vehicle skates. The Summit version looks for the most part identical to the US-made US Jack brand.  However, you can go on youtube or most reviews and find that the results speak for themselves.  Leaks, poor machining, some actually broke during use.  The US Jack ones were over $900 for the set and I could have gotten a set of Summit-branded ones for less than $500.  Basically, you get what you pay for, however, all of these suppliers tend to hide the made-in-china labels.  If it is way cheaper - need I say more?
  • I’ve stopped shopping at HF and Northern Tools for the same reasons. 
  • drivergo2
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    True enough Brothers
  • Val
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    As a retired Air Force veteran I appreciate the info. Like you I will not buy made in China if at all possible. For the very same reasons. 
  • charles4d
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    People in the clubs need to promote more American made items for the people that want American made stuff and point out what's not American made 
  • A lot of people only look at the cost of some or many things. A large percentage of automotive tools are made or assembled I'm China because of cheap labor. Many people are slowly finding American made and American manufactured automotive tools and supplies. I

    I'm m a mechanic by trade so I know the trouble of locating American made and American manufactured tools and automotive supplies

  • Kdancy
    Kdancy Senior Contributor
    I called Summit and had my account deleted along with any info related to it. Two employees I spoke with agreed with me with one saying the policy is "crazy".
    For my review to be censured over this "manufactored in China" info is crazy! It was not that way a few years ago as I've always checked to see where items are manufactured before purchashing. 
    Taiwan along with Japan, produce high quality products and I will buy those if I can't find a "made in USA" one. 
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    I have seen that Craftsman, now owned by Black and Decker, has apparently moved many of their hand tools from China to Taiwan.  Anymore if I need to buy hand tools I buy used Craftsman ones off of ebay as they are usually US made.  It was a sad thing to see Sears and Craftsman sink into the abyss off cheap crap.  Growing up my Dad and everyone I knew bought Craftsman as it was US made, lifetime warrantee and their power tools were second to none. 
  • railknight
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    I have a set of Sears-Craftsman combination wrenches from the 1980s that were made in Japan.  Actually, they're well-made and I've had no issues with them over the decades.  
  • Lance
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    Supposedly someone has purchased the name ' Craftsman ' and has plans to build a factory in Texas to revive the product and make those tools as they once were. We will see.......
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    I'm locking this now because it has attracted some off colour comments. The start of the thread is fine but one or two of you went seriously off track on it.
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    Stanley Black & Decker bought the Craftsman name in 2017 with much fanfare about building a shop in Fort Worth TX. To date no shop in TX. Other equipment they sell are labeled “Made in USA with Global Materials”. I have many Craftsmen tools purchased back in the day when many considered them near the gold standard. I’ve been keeping an eye on the SBD progress since the 2017 purchase. I’ve purchase tools from a MAC, Snap-On guy I know but event they now sell equipment that is made offshore. Hopefully SBD will come thru.  
  • oldcarnut
    oldcarnut Expert Adviser
    I still have most of a complete set of Craftsman tools and the nine drawer toolchest that came with it. I bought them new in 1958 when I got out of high school and got a job in a tune-up shop.