'53 Hornet Sedan Weight/Weight % Distribution Results

hey guys - here is some recent data that you may find helpful, or just interesting - i searched online for '53 Hornet front rear % weight distribution results - i could only find  65% front/35% rear, weighing in the 3,600 lb range, from old generic car spec sites

i recently had Tru-Line Bellevue, WA replace the shocks and perform a detailed 4 wheel alignment - I had Tru-Line also weigh the Hudson on their wheel scales used to corner balance track cars

My Hudson is a Sedan, Hydra-Matic - I kept the spare tire/jack in the trunk, with about 25 lbs of other stuff - the gas tank was approx 3/4 full, 34 psi front tires, 32 psi rear tires cold - also, the shop put 200 lbs in the driver's seat to simulate a driver

The results are attached: gross weight = 4,089 lbs with all of the above - 55% front weight and 45% rear weight distribution, which IMHO is really good!

Of course, results would be different with differing weight factors, but I think this data represents real world driving

Hope this helps!


  • I have the same car and find that interesting. I weighed mine on a truck scale at the gin and the same weight. Funny my wife has a Kia Optima 2.0T and it weighed the same as the Hudson and my ‘90 Caddy Fleetwood FWD was close at 3750. Figured the KIA would be way less lol
  • My 36 Hudson 4dr sedan, with smallblock Chevy and TH350 trans., weighs 3280. The surprising thing..... 1400 on front, and 1880 on the rear.

    My 41 traveler coupe with Hornet and 727 torqueflyte, is 2700lbs.