Cars and coffee anyone?

Took my rowdy ‘53 out today to a local cars and coffee, anyone else out and about this weekend?


  • Not hardly, 16 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Massachusetts

  • railknight
    railknight Expert Adviser
    On Feb. 28 I took my '53 Super Wasp out for a five-mile drive here in the Chicago area.  We've had some recent heavy rains to clear the roads of snow (and salt) and it was a relatively warm day around 50 degrees F.  
  • Val
    Val Member
    Had my 39 out yesterday. Nice weather for the beginning of March here STL
  • Good guys
  • If I could even get toy car to start working on it. I'd really be lucky
    I'm surrounded by snow drifts. I'd like to be able to drive simply for the pleasure of driving a classic car
  • StepUp
    StepUp Member
    edited March 2023
    I drive my (3) Hudson regularly, never simultaneously, but often contemplating the other two, while driving the 3rd. Some would say this makes me a polygamous Hudson driver. Is that a bad thing? Who cares, pour another cup!
  • Haha, yiu should try all three at the same time. Drive one 200 ft, go get another, drive it 200 ft past the 1st, go back get the 3rd and so on lol