Death of a Terraplane

kamzack Senior Contributor
If you'll go to Bad Chad on You Tube he's bout to chop da top on a near rust free 38 4dr Terraplane. One oner, no rust anywhere except very minor just below deck lid. Motor is locked I think. He's offering it for 10k. before he gives it a haircut. we've got 2days. Somebody save it from this hack, please. Wish I could afford it.


  • He chopped it today, it is a 1936

  • kamzack
    kamzack Senior Contributor
    Oh me, so sad.
  • Val
    Val Member
    His car. His money, his choice, but I would like to have seen it saved
  • tigermoth
    tigermoth Expert Adviser
    Sad..will be sadder if the owner loses enthusiasm and the project is lost. 

    Regards, Tom
  • kamzack
    kamzack Senior Contributor
    I started watching the chop and couldn't stand it, so I left. He said" know what? nobody sent me 10k". There's some stuff that should be left alone. 
  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    Some of you may remember, probably 15 years ago plus or minus, a poster on here that was planning to street rod a 1950 C8 Coupe, probably one of the more rare '50s, only outdone by a convertible C8. The car supposedly had been owned by a former Hudson dealer that kept the car with only 12K miles in his garage until his death. At that time the car was sold by his descendants to the poster.  It was not clear why he made the splash on this forum about his plans to cut it up, as some sort of tribute to his late father (this guy at the time claimed to be in his 60s).  He never asked for help or information, just wanted us to all know what he had and his plans.  A number of forum members offered to buy the car, and some offered him a swap of higher mileage stepdown coupes, but he continued to rail on his mission of rodding this vehicle.  Suddenly his posts stopped.  I have often wondered if this guy was just making the whole thing up and the car never existed.  Regardless, people will do what people will and if you buy something it is your right to do with it as you desire, regardless of taste, common sense, or just plain respect.
  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I hate it when this sort of thing happens.
    For those who say it's the owner's choice, I'm always reminded of that ad for mega expensive Swiss watches - "You don't really own it, you're just the caretaker for the next generation".
  • charles4d
    charles4d Expert Adviser
    So True
  • kamzack
    kamzack Senior Contributor
    I agree with car being his to do what he wants but we can still whine and complain about it.
     There's another hack on you tube that's cutting frame structure, rear end change and few udder things. It's a 48/49 coupe. It's a bit rough but it also doesn't deserve to be in the hands of a guy that's doing it in his driveway. He's using a generator to power his tools. Glanced at his video last night and he'd been Lowe's to get a 4x8 piece a plywood. He said it's a business coupe and had a platform instead of seat. I couldn't watch him either. I don't mind the modifications if they're done by a professional shop, but not in someone's drive that is swinging a torch. Nudder one bites da dust.
  • No matter the make, I want an old car to retain all of its original body parts and appearance. No offense, but I understand the desire for a modern drivetrain with 12 volts, an A/C compressor and power brakes and steering (so my wife and daughters can enjoy them as much as I do).  Having said that, I will never understand chopping a top, especially on a such a beautiful sedan.  Nor will I ever understand removing door handles and using poppers instead - I've restored door handles (and bumpers) to numerous streetrodded vehicles to try to restore their original appearance.

  • 50C8DAN
    50C8DAN Senior Contributor
    I am currently street rodding a '58 Studebaker pickup.  It had rust issues and it has cost me a bundle to fix all the rust.  However, I could have done the chassis swap thing, but why?  I just boxed the original frame and installed the suspension I wanted.  I am putting in a '56 Packard V8 - all in the family in '56.  However, the basic truck has not changed.
  • PaulButler
    PaulButler Administrator
    Enough now , subject closed and comments deleted
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