Modern paint codes!

Can any one help with finding a new car paint color that matches or is close to the 1951 Bali blue? The j-45 paint code does not cross over, or the PPG-10742 doesn't cross over to a basecoat, clearcoat. I have a 51 Pacemaker. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Have you tried a car paint supplier shop. I've found they have the technology now to scan and match any colour so you don't need to find a colour sheet.
    I just took a piece of the car with my colour and they matched it and gave to me premixed in a spray can ready for me to touch up cheers ken
  • I don't have a piece or part of a car that is that color!

  • Courtesy Man
    Courtesy Man Expert Adviser
    I guess you could buy paint chips for Hudson years you like and take those in to be color matched. Ebay always has some listed for sale.
  • I saw these in the HET library, Bali Blue is code J-45 Ditzler #10742. Hope that helps