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Good morning everyone. I have a new wire harness that I want to install in my 1952 Hornet. Purchased from YnZ (wish they would have followed the Hudson circuit numbers, but I created a cross reference to anyone who is interested). 

Before putting the car up on stands or pulling up the interior, does anyone know the routing of the wires from the instrument area to the tail lamp junction box?  The tail light, brake light, and direction signal wires appear to go through the back of the trunk pan (presumably to the junction box). Do the wires travel along the frame rail under the carand enter through the firewall grommet (or another hole in the driver floor pan) or do they travel through the interior?  

YnZ and Hudson manuals are not clear on this and I have not been successful in locating anything in the forum or online. Thanks in advance. 


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    On my ‘46’s, there are straps spot welded on the underside of the floor pan along the driver side frame rail and enter in the trunk though a rubber grommet

    Hopefully YNZ has those wires running exposed under the car in a rubber tube. 
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    JDutra, When you Hornet was new , the wires from the dash to the rear of the car were routed through the front driver A pillar up to  the interior doorframe along the roofline to the rear quarter of the car. The wires dropped down after the rear quarter light and went along the top of the wheel well until the reached the trunk area. The gas sender line went directly down the tough a small hole toward the front of the  the trunk pan below the rear cardboard back seat panel. The were attached going down vertically with clips. The rear tail and trunk lights went along the side driver fender and had a junction block assembly just in back of the fuel filler pipe.  They other lines for the passenger side were routed along the trunk panel lip past the trunk latch until reaching the passenger side tail light at which point it terminated.    52_3 license plate lamp was routed through the 'horsecollar' bumper guard and into the sheetmetal near the bottom of the rear trunk latch. It was here it poked up and attached to the harness.
  • Thank you for the detailed information Lance!  This is perfect. 
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    When I got done with rewiring my 54 I was really hesitant about connecting the battery cables to the battery.  I had double checked every circuit and connection and could not find any faults.  Still hesitant I called YnZ and asked them if there was any "test" I could do so that I wouldn't see smoke or fire once I connected the battery.  They said to get a 6 volt lantern battery and use a jumper wire to connect the lantern battery to the battery cables.  The 6 volt lantern battery will run everything with the exception of the starter motor, the radio, and the horn, and won't short anything out or cause damage.  Once I connected the lantern battery I tested the lights, turn signals, dash lights, etc. and everything worked as it should.  I then connected the regular 6volt battery and had no problems since.  Hope this helps.

    John Forkner
  • I replaced the harness in my 51 Hollywood Commodore with a YNZ harness. My rear harness ran down through the inner rocker panel. I had to remove the drivers side sill plate. Then there is another plate under the sill plate that is nailed in. Very hard to remove the twist nails. I also removed the courtesy light at the door jamb to help feed the wires up through to the trunk.I took my owners manual to Staples store and had them enlarge the wiring diagram. My car has Hydramatic transmission and YMZ forgot to allow for the neutral safety switch. I cut the wire to the starter solenoid under the hood and connected it through the neutral safety switch.