1951 clutch material thickness

Can anyone tell me how much "cork height" should be expected on my clutch plate.  (51 Hudson Commodore Six), I am replacing the corks with Kevlar material.        Thanks Lee


  • kamzack
    kamzack Senior Contributor
    I really think you should consult Doug Wildrick about your plans. He's had nearly a lifetime of Hudsons and is only one I know of would be qualified to build a perfect product. You have to know, he's an extreme perfectionist and that's whi I'd want doing the repairs I can't do. Just my opinion.
  • bob ward
    bob ward Senior Contributor
    Do a search on Kevlar, that will bring up discussions from the last few years re kevlar faced Hudson clutches. Overall finished thickness is the same whether you are using cork or Kevlar, I think it’s 3/16” but do the reading. 
  • Old Fogey UK
    Old Fogey UK Expert Adviser
    I agree with Bob - go with Kevlar.
    My clutch operates much more smoothly now and relining with Kevlar didn't cost any more than doing it with corks.