1940-47 front mud flaps - how to install?

m_mman Member
I bought a set of front mud flaps for my 1942 Commodore from Doug Wildrick but I dont see how they install.

Except for one fender brace, my car has nothing behind the front wheels am I missing a bracket or something? 

Does anybody have a picture or illustration?


  • 37 CTS
    37 CTS Senior Contributor
    On the front fender there is a hole that the end of the mud flap may be fastened to. On the frame I found a hole alreaady drilled to fasten the other end of the mud flap.
  • Toddh
    Toddh Member
    The front have a bent rod for the flap that mounts to the fender 
  • m_mman
    m_mman Member
    Oh interesting.  Looks like I am missing some pieces.  But now I know what. 
    Thanks for the pictures. 
  • Toddh
    Toddh Member
    You should be able to bend up the 5/16” support rods with any cheap bender from HF or NT.  I got one off of EBay to bend a similar set for my ‘34 mud flaps.  The flaps themselves are stapled though light bent sheet metal to secure them to the rods.  If you need dimensions, please let me know