52 Super Wasp Headliner

Has anyone replaced the headliner on their Wasp?  Do both front and read windows have to be removed? I've been told it will take a work group of 5 people, 4 days to replace
the headliner  (if I supply the replacement headliner).
I don't think I'm a "Scrooge" type person, but this to me seems excessive as in Canadian dollars this would be in the $4 to$5 thousand dollar range to install a headliner that I've already had to purchase. 
Thanks for any input. 


  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    My answer to your request is NO.  During my Hudson Stepdown ownership time I have replaced two headliners.  Both were ACME brands. One was purchased from an ACME reseller and the other from another HET owner.  The Hudson body manual headliner installation instructions for the 1948-1954 cars recommend the removal of both the front and rear windows. But in both cases, I removed only the back window.  The front windows have metal valances that cover the area where the headliner is glued in the front.  With proper care, the forward edge of the headliner can be installed without the removal of the front windows.  I installed each headliner by myself (1953 Wasp 4-door sedan and 1954 4-door sedan).  Installation is a daunting task for the first time and I took the advice of an upholstery shop ... dry fit the headliner and determine what needs to be done before attempting to install, cut or glue anything.  I installed the headliner beginning at the back and working forward.  with each bow, I smoothed the headlining so the material was equally spread from the center to the sides. once the front bow was installed I went to the back and carefully installed the headliner around the window opening with glue, clamping the cloth around the opening.  After the glue was dry, I began to stretch the headliner forward and toward each side of each bow. I was inserting the side material into the toothed fabric devices on each side. At the front, I pulled the material forward firmly and determined where to remove the excess fabric before gluing the headliner to the windshield frame.  A shop recommended that I make poster board pieces to place over the glued areas and attach them using a screw through the holes that the windshield valance screws normally use.  When finished, I took a steam iron and steamed all the small tucks and wrinkles, they all came out. I took my time with each installation and was finished in around 8 hours total time.   Good Luck with your project... a friend helping will make it much easier.  
  • Todd
    Todd Member
    Thanks Glowplug.  
    I really was scratching my head wondering how 5 people would fit into the back seat, much less taking 4 to 5 days to do it.  I appreciate your response.    
    If I may, what did you do to remove the rear window?
  • Glowplug
    Glowplug Expert Adviser
    Todd I cut the old seal and removed the window as the gasket was hard and I did not want to chance breaking the glass. 
  • Toddh
    Toddh Member
    It’s not a Hudson but it’s a good visual instruction on installing a headliner